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Events at SARA SENE GALLERYJune - July 2008

SARASEN Gallery, Hong Kong

27-37, D’ Aguilar Street, Winner Building,

5th Flr-A, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2525 6984

Email: gallery.sarasen@gmail.com

Web: www.sarasene.com

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Exhibition note as of 2008

This art exhibition will feature a live painting performance of Filipino Artist Joel Ferraris. He will start painting on large, blank canvas panels to complete a mural-sized art piece for a total of 21 days. You are invited to visit frequently the gallery to see his work in progress and to appreciate the final piece of art.

This project is all about the artist’s experiences here in Hong Kong as a visual artist from the Philippines forced by circumstances to live and do art inside “luxurious boxes” in this world city.

On the opening date of the exhibition, the artist will start to paint randomly small images on several large blank canvas panels inside this art gallery. The exhibition venue setting is reminiscent of his first experience in doing art here in Hong Kong when he arrived in 1996 and, likewise, of how he worked on very large mural projects for clubhouses given the limited space he had in his studio in an industrial building.

The challenge is how to produce these pieces given these circumstances and put them altogether as one later, view them from the best distance to see the hidden meaning and image and transport them to wherever a transient artist or art collector would like to go, and to let the whole combined art pieces mutate and adapt to the given situation depending on the new place of residence.

On the closing date, guests will be seeing the mural as a finished art piece. A possible relocation of the whole mural to another bigger and more spacious venue, preferably in a public place, will allow viewers to see the final hidden image that completes the message of this large art piece.

To see the updates online about the art piece please visit:

Feel free to watch on YouTube

The Art of Joel E. Ferraris: TINY STUDIO + SHADOW PAINTING

to see more images of the exhibition and the shadow painting event

The Art of Joel E. Ferraris: TINY STUDIO +

for the whole development process, the progress and how the art piece was partially completed