Group Exhibitions

"HARAYA: An Exhibition of Contemporary Works by Hong Kong-based Filipino Artists"

at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

17 November 2009, 5:30 - 9pm

The 4th Philippine Arts Festival, organized by the Philippine Arts and Cultural Society and the Haraya Visual and Media Arts Society, with the sponsorship of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and support of the Philippine Consulate General, continues with the forthcoming “Haraya: An Exhibition of Contemporary Works by Hong Kong-based Filipino Artists”.


Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

7A Kennedy Road,

Central, Hong Kong


Aldrin Monsod
(Overall Coordinator)
4th Philippine Arts Festival,
Philippine Arts and Cultural Society (Hong Kong),
Haraya Visual and Media Arts Society

Tel : (852 ) 3118 2902

Email: aldrinmonsod@yahoo.com

HARAYA Websites:

www.kkkexhibit.haraya.info http://online.haraya.info/

After the landmark group exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Main Gallery last August 2009, the HARAYA Artists have gathered once again to embark on a new project that could help shape, steer and sustain furthermore the future and direction of their individual art-making to new heights. Given the chance to present a significant collection of works representative of a spectrum spanning months or even years of art-making to be collectively showcased in one of Hong Kong’s prominent arts and cultural venue for the first time, this follow-up exhibition here at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center serve as a pivotal link towards the future. Whatever outcome these two separate exhibitions have would most likely contribute modestly or significantly to the sustained vibrancy of the art scene in Hong Kong while adding into it a uniquely novel flavor.

These Filipino artists now residing in Hong Kong, either permanently or as newcomers, have found a new arena in a “neatly manicured concrete jungle” that somehow act as a comfort zone for them to either continue doing art or finally to give chance for this passion to come into fruition after a long-awaited moment. In contrast, the more relaxed natural atmosphere of a tropical environment like the Philippines, despite political and economic turmoil now aggravated by the recent grave effects of calamities, may have delayed the green light of inspiration and urgency to some of these artists to start working. Yet to others in this group it is mainly a continuation of the usual professional routine given a more energized inspiration and motivation in a foreign setting that offers new challenges and creative stimuli. With the world city as a fresh venue offering a vantage point to view the home country artists could deeply ponder, review and see the much bigger picture of the fatherland and its culture to examine things that affect it from a different perspective. These are supplemented by the experiences and the chance to mingle with people from other cultures that induce realization that there is commonality of vital concerns shared by the global community.

This new exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center is the artists’ response to the challenge to finally explore, develop and express both old and new artistic ideas and concepts long cherished in their hearts and minds. Moreover, their motivation to elevate and sustain more than ever their individual practice of achieving excellence, enabled by a more collective endeavor under the group HARAYA and inspired by the Filipino value of bayanihan( spirit of communal unity and cooperation), is aspired to be their legacy to society and the global community.