Solo Exhibitions

My last solo exhibition was entitled “BAGGAGE" held at the Shaw College Art Gallery, Chinese University of Hong Kong last November 2002.

It was meant to express my desire to break the barriers forcing artists to be confined within a single style…sometimes throughout their lifetime.

“BAGGAGE" implies journey and my journey in my life as an artist. My baggage include experimenting or endearing with other styles or inventing new ones... because I believe that creativity has to have freedom as it main ingredient.

But this freedom has to have its limitation…because the exercise of one’s talent, without moral and spiritual boundaries, is tantamount to idolatry.

When one travels with baggage in tow, familiar stickers are used to indicate luggage or boxes that need to be handled with extra care. Fragile is a word of warning. You see the box but you don’t see what’s inside.



“FRAGILE” is a sequel to my Hong Kong exhibition wherein I put emphasis on the digital and globalized age of pixels and terabytes.

Using CD cases, CD-roms and all related scraps, I wanted to portray the glossy and glittery but fragile lifestyle that the digital age has created.

The almost limitless possibilities that the cyber-world offers have proven to be a new arena for crooks and con artists.

The increasing speed of production and technological advancement is as fast as we buy and discard slightly used gadgets for new ones…all in the name of production and providing jobs.

The digital age has brought us here where everything and every situation we encounter we are tempted to slap a “FRAGILE” sticker on it.

The “FRAGILE” exhibit was held from October 19, 2003 until November 19, 2003 at Syano Artlink, 19 Shanghai St., Better Living Subd., Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.